International Opera Performing Experience.
International Opera Performance Experience

Performance 2016

Thomas Potter in Gianni Schichi
Josef Samargia and Benita Ryan in Gianni Schichi
Pre-Gianni Schici concert - Night at the Opera
Outside Venue for the Opera
The Bows at the End of the Opera
The Ladies of Gianni Schichi Helping Thomas Dress
Curtain Bows at End of Opera - Entire Cast
More Bows at the End of the Opera
Young Lovers - Claire Swale and Ricardo Motas
The Visit of the Doctor in Gianni Schichi
Final Ensemble of the first Half of Night at the Opera
Mourning Family of  Buoso Donati
Mourning Family Hoping for Riches
Josef Samargia as Notary Advocate Rewriting the Will
Funnel Rachel and Josef
Entire Cast, Aria Concert, a Week Prior to the Opera
Vocal Coaching with Justina Lee
Grand Finale, Song and Aria Concert
"Libbiamo," from La Traviata
Blocking Rehearsal, Gianni Schichi
In Search of Gianni's Will
Taking Dead Buoso Out - Getting Rid of the Dead Body
Encore of "Libbiamo"
Alyna Salgado, Matthew English, and Beth Gibbs