International Opera Performing Experience.
International Opera Performance Experience

Collaborative Pianist Program

IOPE faculty James Caraher and Spencer Baker will demonstrate collaborative pianist principles and techniques and guide the pianist’s development in achieving collaborative pianist excellence as it applies to operatic performance.

The intensive IOPE summer program centers on daily hands-on lessons and coachings with James Caraher and/or Spencer Baker as well as accompanying daily voice lessons and rehearsals taught by the IOPE faculty.  Collaborative Pianists will perform in the IOPE concert programs.

Collaborative Pianist Program Highlights:

  • Expand operatic repertoire
  • Score study and pianistic interpretation of full opera score
  • Play from an orchestral reduction
  • Follow a conductor with soloists and ensembles
  • Gain experience as a vocal répétiteur
  • Observe company pianist in ensemble rehearsals
  • Coach singers:  Listening, Musicianship, Diction, Character and Performance
  • Perform Opera in Italy : Collaborative pianists will perform on IOPE programs

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