International Opera Performing Experience.
International Opera Performance Experience

Vocal Coaching

Conductor and Director of Butler University Opera Theatre Jim Caraher and International Pianist Spencer Baker hone singers’ master craft by providing an intense performance practice with professionals from another side of the performing artist arena.  Caraher is often referred to as the “singer’s conductor” and Baker’s collaborative piano skills bring a broad range of coaching experience.

In addition, Justina Lee, former vocal coach of the Metropolitan Opera, works with participants in two private intensive coaching sessions, as well as group rehearsals.

Finally, Mirca Rosciano, Italian vocal coach from the acclaimed Accademia Rossiniana of Pesaro, Italy, coaches each participant in two private sessions and in small ensembles.

Singers improve their ability to communicate the emotional growth and struggle of the character in the music through sharpening their skills in vocal technique, dramatic interpretation, movement, language and diction.

After a participant has been assigned a role or concert repertoire for an IOPE production, they will have time to investigate the growth of their character in the musical selection through the help of a supportive professional coach.  Focus will be on the composer’s use of rhythms, melodic lines, dynamic markings, performance practices of the recent past and correct pronunciation of the language to promote the musicality and communicative power of that language.

Vocal Coaching highlights:

  • Musicality
  • Pronunciation
  • Interpretation


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